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Are you looking to infuse your team?

Are you up for a new challenge? The integration of Corporate Training and a beautful retreat location will elevate your training to a new level. This is by far the most innovative and inspired method to hone your personal skills, solidify your team and give your team a more effective method to communicate. The course outcomes are tested tools to be success in corporate and personal life.

Your Retreat Choices

Tierra de Sueños is nestled in the jungle right next to the best beaches in Costa Rica. The center is just outside the resort town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side with typical warm and turquoise Caribbean beaches. Monkeys, toucans, sloths and other wildlife inhabit the area and are seen overhead. Infra red sauna, massage, and yoga are on site to help rejuvenate.  There is infrared sauna, massage and yoga on site. Relaxing by day at the retreat or experiencing Puerto Viejo’s active nightlife is some of the many choices the visitor can include in their visit.
Eagle Valley Retreat provides groups with an exclusive and private retreat for customized events that build truly unique memories. We encourage our clients to ‘imagine the possibilities’ by helping them generate creative ideas for an inspiring experience. Our mission is to help individuals and groups renew and develop their skills, relationships and health. Our 7-acre site ensures the privacy and freedom needed to create a special getaway.

Your Retreat Courses

Reclaim offers a variety of first-rate courses that build skills in regards to professional development for you and your staff. Our coaches recognize the wealth of knowledge and experience in each successful corporation. Our work is to build on current knowledge within your organization and couple it with new skills so that learning becomes relevant to each participant. Our participants are fully engaged because they see the relevance of the training.

Reclaim has a full roster of seasoned and experienced instructors. Reclaim specializes in facilitating group activities that offer opportunity to apply learning in real life scenarios. Our goal is to meet your needs. Give us a call to see which course will deliver the results you are looking for.

All of the Leadership Development Courses begin at a day rate of $3500+tax. The day rate is inclusive of instruction and all materials for up to 12 people. Over 12 participants is a fee of $275 each/day. Transportation and accommodation are extra.  

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)(2-3 day course)

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a foundational course that partners with an assessment tool to offer participants an understanding of what motivates them and those around them. SDI is an excellent choice for building communication skills in the workplace. SDI draws people together and gives a deeper understanding and respect for each member of the teams communication style-both when interactions are going well and when they move into conflict. The SDI Relationship Awareness Theory is built upon four key premises.

  1. Behavior is driven by motives. WHY we do things is just as important as WHAT we do. Total SDI provides a methodology for understanding a person’s Motivational Value System – the motives that drive behaviour and provide the understanding for why people do what they do.
  2. Motives change in conflict. We feel and act differently during conflict, and we want different things. TotalSDI demonstrates these changes in motives as conflict progresses – including the related changes in behaviour. It guides people toward developing ways to prevent and manage conflict more productively.
  3. Strengths can be overdone. We all have the potential to apply our strengths in non-productive ways. It is the perception of these overdone strengths that usually creates conflict for people.
  4. Filters influence perception. What we see is influenced by who we are and what motivates us. Our Motivational Value System acts as a lens through which we view the world and judge ourselves and others.

The SDI is based upon 40 years of rigorous research by famed Psychologist Dr. Elias, he developed the academic theory upon which the SDI was built. This professional development tool will equip staff with a better understanding of themselves and others.

Resolving Conflict (1 day course)

The Resolving Conflict course will inspire collaborative conversations. Responsive listening principles help to define the difference between assertive and aggressive communications. Principles on how to predetermine negotiation points will be practiced in break out groups. You will gain the ability to skillfully coach your team through both Intra-personal Conflict and Inter-personal Conflict. The course covers:

  • Defining conflict
  • Intra-personal conflict 
  • Inter-personal conflict
  • Conflict sequence
  • Non-verbal communication

Authentic communication is only authentic if everyone feels welcome to share their thoughts and ideas. This form of communication can be tough to manage if you do not have the essential skills and the knowledge of advanced communication theories.

Embrace conflict and the synergy that it creates!

Communication (1 day course)

The Communications course will inspire authentic communication between people in the workplace. Active listening principles will be taught and practiced in a group setting. This is one of Reclaims favourite choices for delivery; the communication course offers adaptable teaching through responsive interactive learning. The course covers:

  • Active listening (the art of listening)
  • Understanding what people are hearing when you communicate
  • Adaptive communication skill building to the ever changing environments
  • Communicating through positive reinforcement
  • Understanding the legacy you leave through the way you communicate

Large non-profit organizations through to smaller organizations have benefited greatly by learning to have productive communication with subordinates and supervisors alike. We do most of our work through conversations. The ability to have good conversations is a critical competency for all managers, be they front line or the CEO.  - “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw.

Leadership (1-3 days, 1-3 nights)

Imagine what a determined team can do for your organization. Wise leaders understand that high functioning teams increase the bottom line through improved productivity, better interpersonal relationships and higher retention rates.

A culture of learning is alert to concepts that will foster advancement.  As people grow, they begin to teach themselves, this inspires creativity, which also creates loyalty, and that loyalty translates profitability.

Participants learn concepts and skills in:

  • Knowledge is the new currency
  • Encouraging confidence building
  • Sensing and resolving tensions
  • Cultivating a sense of meaning/belonging
  • Nurturing a culture of excellence
  • Supporting team champions

Supervisor Training Program (2-5 days)

The Supervisor Training Program is a dynamic combination of Leadership Awareness, Communication Skills and Team Building Ideas. The format of the training is designed for:

  • Inspiring company culture
  • Succession planning – keeping a balanced team
  • Communication enhancement
  • Easy to duplicate
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Flexible so that new supervisors may be brought into the training

All organizations, large or small, need to be strong communities engaged in building and sustaining a shared future.  In organizations, having the skills to lead and communicate at all levels creates an environment for success.

This two day program inspires the active engagement of all participants. Group discussions, “post-it ideas” and interviewing are just a few of the methods used to deliver new skills and hone old ones. The course is delivered as a living example of leadership, communication and team building.

Team Building (1-3 days)

Team building is one of Reclaims favorite programs to deliver as it employs one of our biggest strengths, individualized training through group activities. This program will challenge your people through participation in activities that will result in team building. Outcomes will include:

  • Ability to pull together to achieve goals                                
  • Tools to overcome personal limits
  • Improved ability to build up other people’s strengths                       
  • Grow as a team

Together we will design an event that will challenge participants to tap into a wide variety of skills: creativity, communication, and problem solving, time management and strategic planning. Participants are certain to interact with their environment and each other in ways they could have never imagined and view their relationship with their environment in a renewed way. They will begin to see the possibilities that exist in one another and themselves.

Elite Wilderness Corporate Training

Are you up for a new challenge? The integration of Corporate Training and Wilderness Survival will elevate your training to a new level. This is by far the most innovative and inspired method to hone your personal skills, solidify your team and give your team a more effective method to communicate. The course outcomes are tested tools to be success in corporate and personal life.

Outdoor enthusiasts, corporate trainers, active community members and innovative thinkers. Reclaim coaches bring a variety of experiences to your customized training. You can choose your coach from our list of qualified coaches.

Reclaim has a direct and innovative approach, you and your team will be guided through corporate training in the classroom and then taken into the wilderness for a unique outdoor experience.

To book your retreat and to learn more contact sheila@rctraining.ca or 250-305-7242

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