Program Overview

Effective communication is an integral part of an organization and can be achieved through a variety of team building exercises. Businesses use team building events to promote better collaboration in the workplace, in the knowledge that great teamwork is essential to their company’s continued success.

This program teaches students to develop many different ways to use team building activities to:

  • Improve communication
  • Boost morale
  • Motivate employees
  • Network within the company and community.

Students will develop effective skills in how to promote learning, improve productivity, and recognize personal strengths that are important tools for effective leadership and maintaining healthy, dynamic relationships.

“Communication and the ability to build teams encompass many factors within the human spirit, mind and physical self. To truly prepare future leaders for lasting employment a comprehensive shift in human behaviour must occur. The Communication and Team Building Certificate Program addresses all the components of being an authentic leader. When informed leaders engage in employment they bring value to the employer and to the people they serve. Having an understanding of self, coupled with a valuable skill set is the creation of a great leader. “
Reg Ogen ~ Yinka Dene Economic Development Ltd

Communication and Team Building Certificate Courses

  1. Introductory Leadership
  2. Introductory Team Building
  3. Introductory Communication
  4. Wilderness Survival
  5. Wilderness Leadership

TOTAL HOURS OF PROGRAM 267       13.5 credits

1. Introductory Leadership

This module introduces students to the different styles of leadership, when each style is effective and when each style is ineffective. Students will have the opportunity to discover their dominant style of leadership and talk about when they mask that style. Students will explore methods of encouraging leadership from within their teams and how to stand out as a leader even if they are not at the front of the pack. Students will fully understand how leadership is not based on the title you hold rather it is the people who willingly follow.

2. Introductory Team Building

This module will investigate the skills required to become a great team builder. Participants will learn skills to inspire others to join their team. They will learn to inspire a shared vision from its infancy to launch.

3. Introductory Communication

This module introduces the concepts to set the stage for authentic communication. Participants will learn how to control conversations based on having a clear understanding of what they need from the conversation. Participants will learn to pre-decide what factors they are willing to let go of, and what factors they must have when engaging in a negotiation conversation.

4. Wilderness Survival

The introduction to Wilderness Survival covers three basic components of survival that are often overlooked by wilderness enthusiasts: Psychology, enemies of survival and the survival pack. The workshop provides the basic elements for wilderness survival based on the Survival Sequence taught by the SARTech’s.

5. Wilderness Leadership

This dynamic course will strengthen personal leadership abilities and opportunities will be presented to perfect your group leadership abilities. The majority of this program is based in a wilderness setting where you will be presented with medical and psychological challenges. These challenges have been designed to give you real-life experiences in a safe environment.

Who should apply for the Communication and Team Building program?

The Communication and Team Building program is right for you if:

  • You are gainfully employed in small-to-large organizations
  • You are eager to gain better communication skills to better execute your new or current role 
  • You are a manager or supervisor in any industry

If you’re interested in developing stronger communication and team building skills to help you in your current work or to advance your career, be sure to check with your employer as you may receive industry-sponsorship to help cover costs for additional education.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for the part-time adult learner. Courses may be scheduled on evenings and weekends. The courses are seminar and practical hands-on based which means they are not graded. Learning is experiential in nature with an introduction to the concept followed by application.

For more information or to register, contact or 250-305-7242

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