Elite Wilderness Corporate Training

Leave the confines of the four walls and let your team be challenged with new sounds, new surroundings and new challenges. If you really want to train your team to be effective in new situations train them to be.

Past clients have joined us to create a new team charter, to solidify a new team, to re-charge an established team, to brain storm ideas and goals for a new fiscal year. Your teams needs is the Reclaim teams goal.

This integration of Corporate Training and Wilderness Training will hone your personal skills, solidify your team and give you new ways of communication a shared vision, all which leads to success in corporate and personal life.

  • You choose the topics that your team requires
  • You choose how many days and nights for the training
  • You choose the Adventure training (archery, repelling, swiftwater awareness and many more)
  • You choose the general location of the course
  • Reclaim staff put it all together for you and your team. When you arrive all of the details have been attended to so you can get the most from your training experience.

Your Retreat Choices

Tierra de Sueños is nestled in the jungle right next to the best beaches in Costa Rica. The center is just outside the resort town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side with typical warm and turquoise Caribbean beaches. Monkeys, toucans, sloths and other wildlife inhabit the area and are seen overhead. Infra red sauna, massage, and yoga are on site to help rejuvenate.  There is infrared sauna, massage and yoga on site. Relaxing by day at the retreat or experiencing Puerto Viejo’s active nightlife is some of the many choices the visitor can include in their visit.

Eagle Valley Retreat provides groups with an exclusive and private retreat for customized events that build truly unique memories. We encourage our clients to ‘imagine the possibilities’ by helping them generate creative ideas for an inspiring experience. Our mission is to help individuals and groups renew and develop their skills, relationships and health. Our 7-acre site ensures the privacy and freedom needed to create a special getaway.

 Your Retreat Courses

Reclaim has a wide variety of courses that you can choose from when you book your private retreat OR you can join us on one of our schedule retreats.

To book your retreat and to learn more contact sheila@rctraining.ca or 250-305-7242

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