Team Building

Team building is one of Reclaims favorite programs to deliver as it employs one of our biggest strengths, individualized training through group activities. This program will challenge your people through participation in activities that will result in team building. Outcomes will include:

  • Ability to pull together to achieve goals                                
  • Tools to overcome personal limits
  • Improved ability to build up other people’s strengths                       
  • Grow as a team

Together we will design an event that will challenge participants to tap into a wide variety of skills: creativity, communication, and problem solving, time management and strategic planning. Participants are certain to interact with their environment and each other in ways they could have never imagined and view their relationship with their environment in a renewed way. They will begin to see the possibilities that exist in one another and themselves.

Many options are available to you and your team. We can facilitate an indoors team building experience or an outdoors adventure.

Reclaim coaches will work with you to create an event that fits your company needs and your budget!

Course Fee

Day rate $3500+tax. The day rate is inclusive of instruction and all materials for up to 12 people. Over 12 participants is a fee of $275 each/day. Transportation and accommodation are extra.

To book your course contact or 250-305-7242

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