The Journey Out

The Journey Out is a woman’s journey back to self. This course takes an authentic head on approach to helping women who choose to recreate and reclaim their lives.  The program reveals a simple six step process that gives participants the skills to forgive the past and set goals to move boldly into their future.  You will learn how to live from your heart again, to influence with joy and to stand strong in the person you were intended to be.

You will take an honest look at what has kept you from having what you want? The sad truth is so many times it is easier to love, forgive and help others than it is it love, forgive and accept ourselves. The bottom line to the Journey Out experience is teaching the tools of forgiveness and love for ourselves and others.

The Journey Out is a unique personal development program that leads you to look at past experiences, examine current circumstances and behaviours and making new decisions what your future will be. Only you can have the power to shape your future!

Course Information

Part 1: Reclaiming Your Life

The two day seminar is an intense, non-stop, interactive, life changing experience that will challenge, inform and inspire you. You will discover that the Journey Out is a safe place to have an honest look at yourself. Whether you feel amazing about where you are right now, or if life is a challenge, the Journey Out meets you where you are, giving you skills to live an intentional life of fulfillment, purpose and passion. We teach women how to prioritize actions and resources based on each individual’s core values, so that they may have a positive impact upon those with whom they share their life’s journey. We specialize in small group facilitation and are committed to ensuring all participants receive the time and support they need from the seminar.

Part II: Move Forward and Stay Connected

Staying connected with others on the same journey is an essential component of success.  Maintaining the community and support created in the two day event will help you to get more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want. The follow-up  encourages you to use the skills that you have already learned and gives you more to use.

This one day event will encourage you stay committed to yourself!

Part III: The Journey Beyond

Based on Sheila’s second book, this program (currently under development) will focus on building a future on the foundation established by the previous work.

The Journey Out Pricing

Part 1: Reclaim Your Life - $500

Part II:  Moving Forward and Staying Connected - $200

Part III: The Journey Beyond – TBA

Register for a Journey Out experience and start living your life on purpose! 

“We are here, we truly care about each and every one of you, and we’ll stand by you throughout your journey of healing, self-growth, and – the most important part – Reclaiming your life!” -Sheila Gruenwald



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